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My Last Days With My Beautiful Son

It started on November 3 2003 all of us made plans to finish work on the
outside of our mobile home, where we lived on 600 West. It was going to be a
beautiful day on November 4 2003 we made plans to work after Danny got
off work painting, working outside fixing our home for winter. We
also kept Elijah (our Grandson) so he could play outside and enjoy the
nice weather, little did we know this would end up being the WORST day
of all of our lives.

Danny and Shawn worked all day outside and Elijah
played on the swingset and just enjoyed the outside. It started getting
later around 5:00 or 5:30 Jared Conkright and Joshua Watt showed up at
our home. They kept wanting Shawn to leave with them. He explained what
we were doing and maybe later, but he was helping his Dad now. They kept
hanging around and they asked for something to drink, I gave them each a
Mountain Dew (I hate thinking about that now).

Joshua Watt lived directly across the road in the 6 1/2 years we had lived there. We (the
parents) had never met him or his family not even once. Shawn had known
him and his brother a very short time, a year at the very most and thats
pushing it. They were mere acquaintences. Shawn had known Conkright for maybe 3 years.
They waited until it was almost dark probably around 6:00p.m.
  Then asked Shawn again, so he decided to go. He asked me to borrow 20 dollars until
he got paid said he would be back soon to eat and shower, they got in
Conkrights truck, Jared Conkright was driving ,Watt was in the middle and Shawn
by the passenger door.  They backed out, Elijah was still on he swingset he
started crying for Shawn not to leave. They had started out of the drive
and pulled back in, Shawn got out of the truck walked over to Elijah
picked him up gave him a kiss and said Uncle Shawn will be back soon and
said " Uncle Shawn loves you little Buddy see you in a little while".

They left so we decided to go to McDonalds to get food instead of cooking.
While going through the line we saw Shawn and those other two ( Conkright
and Watt) coming in to McDonalds we waved to them and went on home. At
appr. 9:15 or 9:30 Shawn came in the door he said "hey can I get a trashbag ?
Conkright wants to clean out his truck." I said yea
go ahead he also grabbed a Mountain Dew started out the door turned
toward me smiled and said "I will be back soon to eat and shower" ( Shawn
loved to eat). Elijah was in bed by then so he never got to see Shawn again.

Danny went to bed he had to work the next day. I couldn't go to
sleep I kept waiting on Shawn to get home it was not like Shawn, not to
call if he changed his mind.  He knew I would worry all night which I did
I watched until really late after midnight.

I finally saw Conkrights truck
pull up at Watts only this time he pulled up behind Watts trailer and
then the lights went out on the truck but I could still see the truck
moving.  It kept going and was behind Watts garage.  I wanted to go over
there but as I said I had neve even met a Watt until that horrible
night. I kept watching the truck it never moved (Conkrights truck was
loud) I was upset but around 3:00 a.m. I finally went to sleep.

I got up
with Danny the next morning showed him the truck and told him I was
worried about Shawn (it was early around 5:00 A.M.) He said quit
worrying  he is a big boy.  Everyone thought I worried about Shawn to
much, but I always did I couldn't help it now I know why.

Danny came home
from work that day  I told him once again I was worried about Shawn I
showed him the truck again in the same place it had never moved that I
could tell. Danny went to take a nap and Elijah went with him I was
sitting in the bedroom with them and I heard Conkrights truck start up.  I
ran to the window but I didn't see which way the truck went. I got up
and went to the phone and called my sister told her how worried I was
about Shawn while we were talking Conkrights truck pulled up at Watts
right in front of their trailer.  I told my sister that Shawn better be
one of them getting out of the truck but of course he wasn't it was
Conkright and Watt ( they had only left for about 15 minutes).

I had also
earlier in the day called my daughters house (she was at work) hoping
and praying Shawn had went there he had a key to his sisters house I
left a message asking Shawn if he was there would he please call because
I was really worried about him.

I was watching out the window once again
between 2 and 3 p.m and I saw the Sheriff pull in the drive I went and
got Danny up told him the Sheriff was there.  We answered the door from
then on I just remembered wanting my Mom and Sister and my Grandmother
who has been gone for over 30 years, after that it was all a blur.

I know this
town thinks my son was gone on the 5th of November but he was gone on
November 4th . The first 911 call came in at 12:17a.m. the county and
state went on the first call and claim they could not find him.  When I first
asked about the 911 call it was denied by city and county but thanks to
our radio station they confirmed it with their notes I went back and
confronted them about it they said they were really sorry but their
spotlight was out.  It makes me wonder though, why did they not get out of
their cars and look, dont you think they should have ? 

They have never
allowed me to hear the 911 call.  In fact when I went to get a copy they
refused me, and also followed us to the car and informed us if we were not
satisified with the law enforcement to hire an attorney. I do know that
my son did not die in that awful ditch !  He was placed there he died by
blunt force trauma to the back of his head, there were no other damage to
him.   I can also tell you there was gravel in the back of his pants no
blood on the scene and also we saw bruises around his wrists there is
also other things I could say but I get scared that the MCSD will be mad
for what I have already told.  Because I am sure know one knows these
things I just let out I have known since the beginning.

I do not
understand with all this evidence why there has not been an arrest yet.
Conkright says he jumped from the truck.  The Forensic
Pathologist said that was impossible !  I also know my son, he was a very healthy and
happy boy he never would have jumped . I also want anyone who reads this
to know my sons system was clean he did have some marijuina but he had
I have to stop for now this is just to much for now
I will write again later
Cindy Robinson