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Justice For Shawn
Photo's Page 5

Shawn's favorite pic of Elijah.


Sugar Mill Lake The Rock
Elijah and Taylor with help from Shawn.

Ok, there's two on.
Kane with arms up to Shawn for help up.

All on the rock with Shawn looking out for them
Elijah, Hunter, Kane and Taylor

Ok Elijah stay up on the rock

The Rock
All still standing !

Leaving The Rock
Shawn making sure kids make it across the bridge safe

Shawn, Grandma Lottie and his Mom (Cindy)
Move Mom I need to keep an eye on Elijah

Grandma Lottie, Shawn and Donna

Still Sugar Mill Lake
Grandma Lottie and Shawn

Shawn with Elijah on his first Halloween


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