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Justice For Shawn
Photos Page 9

Dad, Steph, Shawn, & Mom


Steph, Shelia, Mony and Shawn


Sonny, Shawn, Steph

Shawn and Jeff


Shawn, Dad, Roy, Jeff, & Jeff's little brother


Shawn's School Picture


Shawn, another school picture


Dad (bubbie), Elijah and Shawn
Who wants me ?


Shawn and Destiny
You better watch it girl !

Look at me Girls, NO SHIRT !


Shawn and Elijah
Fast Asleep


Ok Elijah, You want me to pick you up !


Ok I got you know


Elijah I don't have anything in my mouth


Shawn's Ultrasound


Shawn looking over the snow from Heaven

Shawn at school in front of the lockers


Shawn still at the lockers


Shawn with a friend at school

Shawn with a buddy at school


Shawn and his school chums


Daniel's Memoriam

Inside Of Daniels'Memoriam


Catherine who is with Shawn and Daniel in Heaven

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